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Friends of Rodeo

If you like rodeo, you're at the right web site. We are people who love it, and want to protect it so that it is around for generations to come.

The problem is, in today's society it is common for all aspects of animal use (from farming to zoos) to be criticized by animal rights activists. No matter what you do with an animal, someone is of an opinion that it is wrong.

If everybody recognized that the outrageous things that are said are just opinion, and not fact, there wouldn't be a need for a group like us. But fewer and fewer people have ties with rural roots, and many folks just don't know better.

Let me give you an example of how easily people get a wrong impression. A rodeo patron at a California rodeo came to our booth concerned about some of the "cows" she saw in one of the pens. She assumed they might have tooth aches because they were wearing a leather device that encircled their face.

What she had seen was the protective head gear, or "horn wraps", that is put on roping steers to prevent their heads from being rubbed by the rope as the slack is pulled around their horns in the team roping event. This woman wasn't part of the animal rights protest scene; she was someone who just didn't know what she was looking at. No wonder uninformed people can be taken in by deliberately misleading statements!

So, here we are to replace fallacy with fact, to tell you about the events and the animals and the rodeo equipment. We hope you enjoy the tour.


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